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Shopping List

Ridgefield Organics provides you with quick, one-stop shopping with a courteous and knowledgeable staff. We have fresh, organic produce and all the ingredients for a healthy lifestyle.

* PRODUCE -- We carry the best the market has to offer daily.

Our fruit section has top of the line berries, seedless and specialty grapes, organic apples and pears and citrus, and staples like bananas and pineapples.

Summer fruits include Washington State cherries, peaches, plums, apricots, pluots, apriums, fresh figs and more. Passion fruit, dragon fruit, lychees, and star fruit are some exotic varieties we carry. We look forward to local apples/pears in the fall and peaches from Connecticut, Georgia, and South Carolina in the summer. Local strawberries and blueberries are a seasonal hit, as well, in the warm months.

Specialty fruit selections include blood oranges, persimmons, kumquats, asian pears, meyer lemons, pomegranates, pomegranate seeds, papaya, four varieties of mangoes, gooseberries, red/black currants and cactus fruit.

Melons : we receive great comments from our customers on our selection of melons. Taste for yourself, we have samples.

In addition to your standard cantalopes and honeydews, we bring in other varieties, such as tuscan striped, orange flesh honeydews, sugar kiss, chantereis, hami, Crenshaw, casaba, galia, santa claus, and exotic Brazilians.

Available different times throughout the year. Just ask us.

Watermelons: we source them from Texas – bright red, seedless, and delicious.

Tomatoes: Although local summer beefsteak, heirloom, and cherry tomatoes can’t be beat ( we source from the best farms in Ct), our winter greenhouse selections from Maine and Vermont and Maryland can be quite good.

We have plenty of basil and mozzarella on hand all year to go with it.

Summer Corn: early summer brings in sweet Florida corn and when the summer peaks, the local farmers provide the best around.

Greens Selections: the flagship of our store – only the best organic fresh greens, all hand washed and trimmed daily. Four varieties of lettuce, 10 varieties of baby lettuces, broccoli crowns, fennel, leeks, arugula, parsleys, cilantro, kales, dandelions, collards, cabbages, and chards.

Staples include organic mushrooms, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, beets, and more. Local greens are here in the summer and fall.

Potatoes, yams, hard squashes and onions: we have your standards and many different varieties and specialties like Vidalia and cippolini onions, petite marble potatoes, purple potatoes and ridiculously sweet Japanese yams. Butternut, acorn, spaghetti, hubbard, and kabocha squashes – best in the fall and winter.

Specialty Produce and the best of old favorites: organic green beans, haricot verts, cranberry or fava or wax or romano beans, brussel sprouts, 6 different kinds of eggplant, Kirby or Persian or English cucumbers, snap or snow or English peas, chanterelle or maitake or fresh porcini mushrooms. And if we don’t have it, just ask us.

* GROCERY – we stock local and/or organic dairy, eggs, cheeses, breads, cereals, pasta and more. Local dairy farms include Farmers Cow, Arethusa Farm, and Butterfield Goat Farm.

Our grocery items include salad dressings, breakfast foods, beans and grains and flours, teas and coffee, beverages, condiments, frozen desserts, cookies and snacks, oils and vinegars. We also stock Applegate Farms all natural and organic cold cuts, bacon and cheeses.

If there is a product you don’t see in our store, please let Lisa or Sal know and we will be happy to carry it.

*MEATS AND POULTRY - our selections of ground beef or ground turkey are from organic or hormone/antibiotic free sources.

- Appleridge Farm: our in town supplier of fresh pasture raised chickens and eggs and chicken pot pies, as well as beef and turkey and pork in the fall and winter. It doesn’t get any fresher ! © 2010 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use